Clinical Strength Cartilade

-100% pure shark cartilage

Black tip shark Carcharhinus limbatus
Blue shark Prionace glauca
Maco shark Isurus oxyrinchus
Thresher shark Alopias vulpinus
White shark Carcharodon carcharias

Cartilade - 100% pure shark cartilage processd a totally new way. Cartilade is the benchmark, all other shark cartilage measure themselves by our quality.
The purveyance of shark cartilage by other companies to date has been undertaken almost universally using research and development information that has been obtained with Cartilade® brand.

Consider the Cartilade advantage to conventionally processed shark cartilage:

- The most potent shark cartilage with 30% more cartilage protein, gram for gram.
- Fresh, clean taste and smell.
- Full potency maintained. Nothing that harms the delicate integrity of shark cartilage protein is used on Cartilade. No strong chemicals, bleaches, enzymes in processing or excessive heat, radiation, or ethylene oxide for sterilization.

Cartilade Powder Clinical strength Cartilade is not just 100% pure, 100% active.

Cartilade is a natural source of glucosamine-like compounds, chondroitins, calcium, antiangiogenic proteins & collagen.

Cartilade is the only shark cartilage product that has been demonstrated as safe and effective with more than seven years of clinical research and consumer acceptance. Cartilade(r) opened the door to the category of shark cartilage as a dietary supplement - many other brands of shark cartilage are mimics or they are inferior in composition.

New research regarding Cartilade shows that it has been proven to be the superior brand of cartilage powder as demonstrated by in vitro assay. Cartilade has been demonstrated to be completely safe when used as directed and over 500 million doses have been used worldwide.

Cartilade is fully owned and produced
by Alternative Medicine Solutions LLC.
A Lloyd Wright Company

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