Cartilade Shark Cartilage from the Source
Cartilade Shark cartilage by Atrium

Health care professionals and the natural products industry recognize Cartilade as the "gold standard" of shark cartilage powders. In 1996, Cartilade shark cartilage was the honorable recipient of the Retailers Choice Vity Award, for bone and joint discomfort. It is an excellent "stand-alone" product as well as a value-added ingredient to all joint formulas. No other herbal or joint support ingredient has the same properties as Cartilade.

Healthy joints depend on the fragile balance of construction and destruction to ensure cartilage renewal. Glycosaminoglycans provide the building materials for healthy joints that are only a part of the process.

provides glycosaminoglycans AND inhibitors of destructive enzymes (MMP2) to help maintain the health of joints.

* Each capsule contains 740 mg pure 100% Cartilade shark cartilage powder
* Each scoop of Cartilade shark cartilage powder contains 4.4 g of pure 100% Cartilade shark cartilage
* Cartilade shark cartilage is the only joint formula with proven anti-enzymatic (MMP) properties, all the necessary properties for natural, healthy joints.

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